Mission Statement

RMC Gaming Management (“RMC G.M.”) is a firm that specializes in assisting casino enterprises that have a capital investment ranging from $10 million to $1 billion. RMC G.M. is composed of casino management and industry consulting personnel who have decades of experience working for Native American and commercial casinos in a wealth of jurisdictions across the United States.

 Our unique combination of core competencies: We approach the operational entity from the financial, managerial and regulatory side, allowing a seamless partnership for all stakeholders: the lenders, operators, and the jurisdictions in which they do business. Our ability to easily navigate the intricacies of heavily regulated, competitive environments and the complexities of capital markets, as well as understanding the challenges placed on directors and managers, gives us an invaluable perspective to execute change quickly and efficiently.

 The Equity Plus™ element: RMC G.M.’s Equity Plus™ intellectual property takes behavior analytics to a new level and permits an existing player loyalty program to bear more if its unrealized value.  Coupled with RMC G.M.’s operational expertise, the Equity Plus™ proprietary player loyalty program generates top line gaming revenue without disproportional marketing or operational costs.

 The Synchronization Method: As a 24-hour 7-day a week industry, it is common that a struggling casino operation has factions that become territorial and the overall property losses its balance.  Through RMC G.M.’s Client Needs Analysis, we optimize the natural strengths of an existing casino property. Synchronization often involves restoring and establishing cruicial lines of communication on the return to the path of success. RMC G.M. facilitates collaboration between team members for a more comprehensive contribution to better align the capabilities of staff and management with the vision of the executive team.  A key step toward synchronization is to initially calm everyone down and to quickly access personnel to determine levels of talent and experience. Recalibration requires finding and exploiting existing talent by refocusing everyone on a more coordinated approach to customer service and supplementing this talent with proven and experienced personnel.  The result is a recalibrated property that synchronizes the strengths of the casino thus moving closer to a flawless operation.

 In total, RMC G.M.’s approach harnesses industry experience, combined with legal and human resources knowledge, while also incorporating innovation to increase profitability.

RMC G.M. Partners: Robert Russell, David Waddell, and David Schugar