Coordinating strategies with day-to-day operations requires more than a couple of meetings, some emails, and a memo. Similarly, routine monitoring of revenues and financial performance is not enough to see if you are on budget. Conclusions founded on analytics are insufficient when taken out of the context of the human element. In other words, unless all functions of the operating entity are synchronized at the executive, managerial, staff, and customer levels, the property will not perform efficiently. Because of today’s unforgiving gaming environment, optimal performance, more than ever, requires a consistently high degree of calibration and synchronization.

RMC G.M. begins by quickly and comprehensively analyzing and assessing the situation. Time is too valuable to waste going down the wrong roads when poor performance requires a turnaround. While we are surveying the landscape of operations in the context of market conditions, conducting a Client Needs Analysis (CNA), and a Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) analysis, we are also meeting with management to get their gut feel of the challenges before them. Our approach identifies the disconnects in the processes of strategy and execution. Finding the communications breakdown and motivational factors that ultimately define the customer service focus of the company allows us to concentrate on fixing what is broken without dismantling what is not.