RMC Gaming Management (RMC G.M.) is a full-service casino management and consulting firm. We assemble a unique customized consulting arrangement based upon the needs of our clients, which range from project-specific assignments to complete property management. As a result of the RMC Network, we are able to efficiently and comprehensively assemble the necessary talent to accomplish our client’s objectives.

The Client Needs Analysis offers RMC G.M. a foundation by which to address the client’s overall Capital Management Program and develop specific strategies for project-based and/or long-term objectives. By allowing a complete understanding of the current state of operations, culture, and top corporate strategies, RMC G.M. can tailor the right sustainable solution to the unique challenges facing an existing casino property or one under development.

The Consultant Resource Analysis establishes prospective goals and objectives for each property. This analysis is a sound method of screening a property and identifying areas for immediate improvement and those requiring more extensive refinement. The analysis enables RMC G.M. to craft customized performance metrics that best recognize the individual strengths of a particular property.

These two fundamental elements – the Client Needs Analysis and the Consultant Resource Analysis – become the benchmarks used to calibrate every activity that we conduct with casino client properties. They are dynamic, essential steps that enable RMC G.M. to properly advise clients with regard to how to implement the right solutions.

RMC G.M. provides the following list of managerial services to its clients. Additionally, we also encourage you to review the RMC Network for additional services not listed below.

Casino Operations – With seamless transitions that distinguish tables, slots, keno, and other wagering venues by their game type, and not their management style, an RMC G.M. operation inspires gamblers with an environment that is both reliable and exciting as well as comforting and stimulating.

Casino Marketing – From player club loyalty programs, to database management and customer relationship marketing, to the design and stratification of the direct mail program, RMC G.M. brings analytical precision to the personal bond between your player and your property.

Player Development – From executive hosts and coding to team building and the growth of your high end premium player base, RMC G.M. training will energize and incentivize your PD team to inspire performance and propel your theoreticals into legitimate, quantifiable and measurable terms.

Slot Operations – From game mix to floor layout design and RMC G.M.’s comprehensive library of analytical slot reports, we apply a methodical and comprehensive approach to all aspects of the management of your casino floor including maintenance, purchasing and capital budgets, staffing, and customer service.

Table Games – From game spread and table limit management to game protection, staffing, and all aspects of management, RMC G.M. applies an analytical approach with an understanding of the human element to grow drop and revenues while providing an exceptional gaming experience for both the casual player and the serious gambler alike.

Food & Beverage Operations – Buying right, comprehensive inventory and storage controls, and effective training and management to eliminate costly re-do’s and spoilage is just one component in achieving the efficiencies behind the scenes that the quality of service, menu planning, and staffing levels provide in the front of the house. RMC G.M. knows that food covers, more than any other metric, most parallel’s slot handle. That is why we’ll get it right.

Hotel Operations – From housekeeping to the front desk and the yield management strategy of room reservations, RMC G.M. has the expertise necessary to identify the opportunities to realize incremental revenues, and with training and synchronization of staff and management to the mission, your inventory will more closely deliver the returns it was designed to provide.

Security, Surveillance, Risk Management & Compliance – Consideration for the safety and well being of the guest, the employee, and assets of the company are part of RMC G.M.’s ever-present mind set. With expertise and experience, RMC G.M.’s design processes include SOP’s and IC’s that meet regulatory and SOX standards in fashions that balance efficiencies and integrity without compromise.

Advertising, Positioning & Branding – Good companies know their customer; great companies are known by their customer. RMC. G.M. will align your brand to the market with consistent positioning to allow opportunities to be seized for top of mind awareness as well as an identity that customers are proud to be a part of.

Non-Gaming Amenities – From golf courses to night clubs, casino operations have achieved great success from incorporating a well diversified portfolio of non-gaming amenities in order to compliment the resort offerings.  However, without a balanced approach and proper integration into the casino marketing and operations plan, these assets can become a financial drain on an operation.

Retail -   Ancillary to gaming-related amenities, strong retail components are important to successfully drive incremental revenue and growth for any casino property.  The RMC Network carries with it 35 years of experience in operating multimillion dollar retail operations with expertise in merchandising, inventory control, and marketing, including extensive experience in vendor relations and negotiations.

Human Resources – Our organizational charts are flat and our team building exceptional. The RMC G.M. team delivers a confident and well trained customer focused workforce where dignity, excellence, and integrity is our standard. We carefully train and develop supervisory personnel before they advance to the managerial level. The result is employees that consistently deliver an exceptional gaming and hospitality experience to guests.

Legal and Regulatory – RMC G.M. brings years of experience to ensure legal and regulatory compliance, as well as a network of legal professionals who can assist with local, state and federal compliance matters.

Expert Witness – Our principal partners have experience as expert witnesses in connection with litigation matters brought by casino entities.

Recruitment – RMC G.M. is able to identify industry talent and personnel that best fits the corporate culture and is an important factor when building a balanced team. The RMC Network is able to bring years of recruitment experience in order to accomplish this objective.

Technology: Systems, Cloud, IT – From those with the latest and greatest to those with limited capital budgets, the technology of today’s gaming and leisure experience leaves no room for system crashes and interface protocol issues. RMC G.M. has the expertise to deliver reliable functionality and usability when you need it most; 24/7. Additionally we will help identify technologies and capabilities you may already have but are not using. Enabling staff and management to extract the full value from underutilized assets is part of the property-wide paradigm shift all turn around situations require.

Finance & Accounting – Our sharpened pencils, coupled with our comprehensive understanding of how to execute the operational process to provide an aggressive but realistic deliverable to the EBITDA line guides our budgeting and forecasting of revenues, expenses, and capital expenses. We manage payroll, G & A, and departmental expenses for efficiencies that eliminate redundancies and streamline operations.

Contracts & Purchasing – RMC G.M. provides a thorough review of agreements and contracts held by the operating company, including those of suppliers and vendors. This diagnostic check reviews the bid process and negotiated pricing and is an imperative element to bringing costs and expenses, as well as the quality of product, into appropriate measure.