RMC Network

The RMC Network consists of talented professionals across a range of management, legal, regulatory, and staffing disciplines. Each individual entity has the ability to work efficiently along side other members of the network while offering targeted services and independent solutions to its clients.

RMC G.M. – RMC Gaming Management, LLC is a casino management and consulting firm that specializes in assisting casino enterprising with EBITDA ranging from $10 million to $100 million. RMC G.M. is composed of casino management and industry consulting personnel who have decades of experience working for Native American and commercial casinos in a wealth of jurisdictions across the United States.

            David S. Schugar – RMC G.M. Principal Partner

RMC Legal – Regulatory Management Counselors, P.C. is a full service law firm that places emphasis on legal and consulting services in the gaming industry. The firm is made up of dedicated legal, business, consulting, and public relations experts who are able to serve the diverse needs of clients in heavily regulated industries.

            David D. Waddell, Esq – Gaming Attorney
            Robert R. Russell – Senior Gaming Analyst

RMC Agency – Recruitment Management Consultants, LLC is a complete Information Technology (IT) recruitment management and technical staffing agency. Members of RMC Agency have experience in serving the employment needs of individuals, small to mid-sized businesses, and Fortune 500 companies by using innovative techniques to recruit and retain top talent.

             Jamie Lytle – RMC Agency Partner



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